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✿Legendary Of Sarawak Princess✿

The Legendary of Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang

Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang is synonymous with the state. Become a legend since time immemorial. Sarawak Land of the Hornbills famous as the home of the Hornbill.

Princess Sejinjang and PrincessSantubong the two daughters of Heaven. Heaven hath sent his father the king said to the two daughters of the earth to settle disputes the two villages. But before they descend to earth, his father advised in the event of a dispute both the princess and they will curse their abode in heaven and earth. Originally the two princesses was a cousin. When a decline in both the princess to Earth. The villagers were stunned to see a bright light like the sun down in the two villages. Beauty and femininity evident both strands of the princess's face.

Princess Santubong settled in a village Blue Beach and teaching weave fabric while Princess Sejinjang in the village of Sand Yellow teach sorting rice husk with aluk. With these skills both villages become safer without conflict. During this conflict occurs because the system of exchange of goods between villages are not equivalent to the goods carried.

Prosperity in both villages is not sustainable. The presence of Prince Serapi came to see the greatness and beauty of both the princess. Serapi want to know the prince came to the two-ornamental jeweled princess before the Prince Serapi. Both the princess were very impressed and captivated by the helter Prince Serapi, a well-built and evident integrity, as well as Prince Serapi already captivated by the beauty and the beauty of both the princess.

Every day after that meeting. Princess Santubong and Sejinjang expressed a desire to meet each other's hearts. But otherwise is the same passion that is both loving Prince Serapi. Since they had been enemies and bercemburuan each other. With magic princess they both fought for days without stopping. Sejinjang said that she was more beautiful, and more graceful Santubong he said. Sejinjang angrily reached aluk, then the swing in cheek Puteri Santubong that now we can see the curve in the mountains. Only last strength belida Santubong stabbed in the head Sejinjang. Finally both the princess fell down in pain. Then the lightning continued to connect and thunders rolled, and bright light from the sky lift both daughters. The curse continued to make Puteri Santubong fairyland into a mountain while Sejinjang Monkey Island is fragmented. Prince Serapi return sadness disappeared in a mountain now known as Mount Merapi.

This story is just a legend make the country full of hidden meanings for reflection and learn together.

Thus was born the legend of Princess Sejenjang Puteri Santubong and we hear even today.

Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang,

Penjaga gunung Negeri Sarawak,
Manis sik ada dapat dilawan,
Anak dak Dewa turun kayangan.


Santubong puteri bertenun kain malam,
Sejinjang puteri menumbuk padi siang.

Satu hari nya dua kelahi,

Beranuk anuk sik renti-renti,
Seorang madah dirik bagus agik,
Seorang sik ngalah walau sampai ke mati.

Udah lejuk nya duak kelahi,

Lalu bertukuk nya duak puteri,
Sejinjang mengayun aluk ke pipi,
Tebik Santubong sampai gituk ari.

Tapi Santubong membalas juak,

Lalu ditikam batang belidak,
Sampei terkena Sejinjang kepala,
Lalu bertabor jadi Pulo Kera.

Kisah Santubong, kisah Sejinjang,

Asal berkawan jadi musuhan,
Kinik tuk tinggal jadi kenangan,
Pakei ingatan sepanjang zaman.

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