Tuesday, August 18, 2015

✿ Song ✿ SarawaK ✿

The small town of song,
just over 2 hours from sibu by express boat, is the jumping off point for visiting Iban longhouses on the Katibas river.

The katibas is served by twice daily express boats (times vary), and it is normally possible to get an invite to visit a longhouse from one of your fellow passengers.

Alternatively, the capitol Hotel can usually arrange a guide.
Please not that many of the traditional wooden longhouses in the area are being relplace by modern concrete structuresm so check with the Song District Offive for the lates situation, Tell; 777221.

Accommodation ;

Capital Hotel, 8 song bazaar, Tel: 777264
Katibas Inn, 7 song bazaar, Tel: 777323
Mesra Inn, 31 song shoplot, Tel: 7777777
Sukaramai Inn, 44-45 song new town, Tel : 777686

To be continue.., i'll tell the whole story about katibas river..