Sunday, May 3, 2015

✿ The People Of Panggau Libau ✿

I am sure, most of us heard of  Keling, the hero of Panggau Libau, and Kumang, his wife from Gellong.

I am sure too, a lot of us have this question popped off our brain, who are these people of  "Panggau- Gelong"? Gods or what huh!!

No, they weren't Gods, but people with special power, above ordinary human like you and me, or i can simply put them this way "Angles."

Intermediate between humankind and the Angles in the sky is a third major category of supernatural, the people of Panggau.

Their domain is said to lie between the visible world and the sky. Thus in myth and ritual liturgy, those who journey to visit the Gods and Goddesses frequently pass through the Panggau and Gelong world to make their way to the homes of the Angle.

They possess supernatural powers and are believe to be capable of metamorphosis. Being great mythical heroes, they are credited with exemplary physical ability, beauty, creativity, skill in craftsmanship and other attributes of humankind.

The patrons of women weavers and male warriors. Their prowess is the subject of vast oral epic literature and acts in ways that further human purposes and this makes them the invisible intermediaries.

During major "Gawai festival", they represent the gawai sponsor in inviting, welcoming and entertain the Gods and Goddesses whom the human bards have called down from sky to bless and participate, unseen, in the ritual of the Gawai festival.