Sunday, March 2, 2014

✿ My trip in Sarawak ✿

on 17.2.14 that was the date when i'm flight from Penang to Kuching, the journey taking about 2hours.
Once i arrive at the Kuching internation airport, the funny thing is i try to get a taxi but i din't know i should get a taxi ticket at the counter before i get in, well a little mess with him seen he keep asking for the ticket, then i get the ticket  and make payment for Rm 20.00.
So he asking me, "Where did you wanted to go sir?" i'm looking for the hotel  just bring me somewhere near around the waterfront.
On the way to the location of hotel, i can see that so much improvement around the city of kuching capital city of sarawak, less then 30minutes we reach at the hotel name Harbour View.
It's really great hotel for accomodation, so i stay for 2days it's cost about Rm 280.00.

After done with registration at the hotel, around 10.30am my first location to visit is "Sarawak Culture Village".
 In front of the Harbour View Hotel there was a travel service "Borneo Experiences". with two way transportation and including pass to get inside the SCV, it's cost only Rm 10.00.

Sarawak Culture Village is the most great place for you whose wanted to know about sarawak ethnics.
Every ethnics in Sarawak has a different cultural and music..

After 3hours spent my time in Sarawak Cultural Village., so make a move to a Damai Beach.

If you wanted to stay around the beach, there was a fews Hotel and resort also they got Spa,Golf and country club and some food courts. I love the view and waiting for the sunset unfortunately i have go back to city, to join Sarawak river cruise.

The journey taking about 1hour along sarawak river.

And yes it's really fun.,meeting the others on the board and of course we having some beers..

To be continue.....