Wednesday, July 3, 2013

✿ My LongHouse ✿

Introduction ;
This is my longhouse located at "Tr.Puso Nanga tengangai sungai musah, katibas, song, Sarawak".
It's take almost 2hours for the journey to reach at my longhouse, with longboat, from Song town to musah river.
I'm sure you'll love this place with fresh air and clean water system..,it's really fun when you choose for holiday with you'r family..,we also have a lot great destination for camping, fishing, wild hunting and others thing that you perhaps love to do in the jungle of borneo island.

If you traveL extensively, you should have a few essentiaLs : a carry-on bag that fits into the overhead, a valid passport, all the required inoculations, a pair of comfortabLe walking shoes, and perhaps most important of all, a sense of humor. The ability to laugh at one's predicament comes in handy whee you're confronted with the absurd situations every globetrotting adventure faces sooner or later:
Lost luggage that keeps arriving at whatever destination you've just left, unpalatable menu items, bizarre local customs, and the occasional encounter with a fanatically officious, deeply suspicious border guard in a country where you don't speak the language.

He going to show me how to resharp the sword with stone..

Catch some big fresh water fishs..